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Research Requests

ATTENTION RESEARCHERS: ALL INQUIRIES & APPLICATIONS MUST BE EMAILED TO:  SMO-ResearchReviewCommittee@naphsis.onmicrosoft.comPLEASE DO NOT CALL NAPHSIS HQ or email individual NAPHSIS staff with questions about your application. If you have questions about the application process, please email

Access to, and use of, national vital records-based data sets from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) requires the approval of a NAPHSIS research review committee. An applicant must complete the NAPHSIS Project Review Form and email it along with supporting materials to NAPHSIS at the email address listed in the application.

A review team of NAPHSIS members will evaluate the research request. Under ordinary circumstances, the review should take four to eight weeks. During the process, the reviewers may request further information from the applicant by email. Approved applications are then forwarded to NCHS for a final approval.

After acceptance by NCHS, applicants sign the NCHS Data Use Agreement and receive the data files. The entire process is expected to take four to eight weeks. Too many concurrent requests or other extraordinary events may cause a delay but, in these circumstances, applicants will be notified.

Data File Descriptions/Record Layouts

  1. Linked Births / Infant Deaths
  2. Fetal Deaths
  3. Natality File
  4. Mortality - Underlying cause of death, all counties - Compressed
  5. Mortality - Multiple cause of death, states and all counties - Detailed

Review Outcomes

  1. Approved projects will be forwarded to NCHS for its review. NCHS will obtain signed Data Use Agreements and provide the appropriate data.
  2. Denied projects may be forwarded to NCHS for its consideration as projects appropriate for analysis through its Research Data Center. Applicants will also be directed to specific jurisdictions to obtain data directly, if applicable.
  3. Applicants will be informed of the specific reason(s) for denial of request.


Download NAPHSIS Project Review Form here. Complete this form and email it to NAPHSIS to initiate the review process. Also, please include supporting materials, such as CVs or a brief summary of the qualifications of the principal investigators and main analysts.

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